Women for Atlantic Foundation

Supporting and promoting women in Atlantic Canada

There’s room for all of us... There's room for everyone. And sometimes its easier to fight for others than it is to fight for yourself...
Chelsea Handler
Gloria Awards, May, 2014

What We Do

Our Purpose

  • We believe that through research, education, awareness and collaboration, we can foster change.
  • The goal of W4A is to foster and create conversations which lead to increased cooperation and support of women by women and for women.
  • We work with industry, government and academia, to conduct and aggregate research related to women, the perspective they bring to the workplace and society in general.
  • We work with like-minded organizations and collaborators to share best practices across all Industry, government and other sectors of our economy to pledge to promote and enact change; fostering and facilitating diversity in leadership funnels for their organizations in the future.
There is no difference between people... there is often a culture aspect that leads to feeling inadequate, and leading to issues with self esteem... we need to recruit and intervene very aggressively when they get discouraged...
Governor General Julie Payette

Make an Impact

We all can contribute in different ways. Find your voice, use your skills, and be the change. Make an impact of your own where you can.